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  1. fluxylynx

    Rate the music above you

    10/10 for Cardi 0/10 for Bruno so 5/10 overall
  2. fluxylynx


  3. fluxylynx

    Rate the music above you

    3.5/10 K.Flay is good but this song is meh
  4. fluxylynx

    Server/Forum Unban Template

    1) My Age: 2) My Steam ID32: 3) My Steam ID64: 4) Staff member who punished you: 5) Server IP & Name: 6) Map Name: 7) Date & Time: 8) DETAILED Report: 9) Proof (Screenshots or a demo, demos are preferred): 10) Why should you be unbanned?: 11) Staff Members Present(If any):
  5. fluxylynx

    Admin/Player Report Template

    Report Template Title of Thread: Insert username here Report. 1) My Age: 2) My Steam ID32: 3) My Steam ID64: 4) Their Steam ID32: 5) Their Steam ID64: 6) Server IP & Name: 7) Map Name: 8) Date & Time: 9) DETAILED Report: 10) Proof (Screenshots or a demo, demos are preferred): 11)...
  6. fluxylynx

    Admin Application Template

    Just so you understand, being an admin on our servers isn't about the powers. It's about keeping peace and order and dealing with people who are ruining the experience of others. What many players wanting to be an admin overlook is that it isn't as fun as it seems. People argue with you all the...
  7. fluxylynx

    PBFortress Rules

    OFFICIAL PBFORTRESS & PHENOM-NETWORK RULES ============================ These rules exist to ensure that everyone has a fun and memorable time on our servers. To view the rules of a particular section, simply click on the spoiler button titled Show Please review this list regularly, as they are...
  8. fluxylynx

    Staff List

    Staff List List of staff with their steam URL's. Contact for server related issues only Contact for general rule breaking, managment of reports and staff complaints Contact for general rule breaking
  9. fluxylynx

    Rate the music above you

    Not my jam sorry. 1/10