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GMOD CloneWarsRP Suggestion Template

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Apr 11, 2019
If you have a suggestion and you are very keen to have it seen by us of the GMOD CloneWarsRP Staff team send it in following the template and it'll be reviewed and voted on by not only the staff team but also the playerbase of the server to make it as fair as possible to have your application end up reviewed or even put through!

If by any chance your suggestion is denied yet a lot of people voted for it or seemed good in the first place it could be that in later discussion it could be harmful to the server or won't work, this will be posted on your suggestion and directly message through back to you.

*Current name and rank on the server:
*Discord name and id(for further contact):
Any addon or content you're suggesting?:
*Reason to your suggestion?:
Anything you'd like to add?:
Not open for further replies.