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SkillBill's Staff application


GMOD Trial Mod
May 14, 2019
-No ban(s) on record | VAC, Game or Server
-Clean reputation on [+]SteamRep | Check Here ✔ (http://prntscr.com/nojn92)
-Not banned currently on the community. ✔
-At least 15+ years old | Can be considered to be looked beyond ✔
-Forum account created at least 2 weeks prior to the application ✘
-You must have sufficient English skills. ✔
-You must have a server connection time of more than: 48+ hours
-Owning and using a discord account and in the CloneWarsRP discord ✔
-No private Steam profile. ✔

Your age(dd/mm/yy): 11/07/03
Location/Timezone: Hungary / CEST
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes I do
Are you capable of fluently speaking English and if so out of 1-10 how good would rate yourself?: I can speak English fairly well, I would rate myself about a 7

What is your in-game name?: Currently is its 501st MSGT 1899 SkillBill

What rank are you currently holding?: Master Sergeant

How much time have you in total spent on the server?: ~10 hours

Why did you want to apply to our server?: The server is somewhat new and it requires more staff to keep the peace and to have a stable staff team who are trustworthy and capable of dealing with rule breakers

Do you have any current/or removed warnings? if so for what?: I don't have any warnings

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member specifically for GMOD and ulx experience?: I was staff for a couple of months on G-5 Gaming's (now Orbit networks I think) SWRP server before it shut down. I reached the rank of admin

What do you think you could add to the staff team?: I think I could help the server by making sure the players have a great time playing on the server not being annoyed by minges or help others who are new to the server / swrp by giving them insturctions or helping them with specific terms

Why do you think you should be accepted over others?: I think I should be accepted over other applicants because I have previous experience in being staff.

RDM, what is it the abbreviation for and what does it stand for?: Random Deathmatch, it means killing someone with no reason.

When does RDM become Mass RDM?: When a person RDMs multiple people in a row

RDA, what is it the abbreviation for and what does it stand for?: Random Arrest, it happens when someone arrest someone with cuffs for no reason

FailRP, what is it the abbreviation for and what does it stand for?: It stands for Fail Role Play, it happens when someone breaks the rules by doing something that is impossible IRL of changing their names that is not appropriate, etc.

Extra Information
Is there anything you'd like to add?: nop


Apr 11, 2019
Your experience seems sufficient and you'll be able to help others in situations of need as a staff member should, the server hasn't been open for long and as you already have 10+ hours i'm well aware that your very active.
You seem to have a good understanding of a staff position and as well as that your able to pass on information you've learned over time.

I hope to see you become a good example of what a mod / staff member should be.

I've come to the decision that you'll be ACCEPTED as Trial Moderator congratulations!